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Welcome to Creative Works.

We create communities of inclusion.


At Creative Works, we are building communities of inclusion one relationship, one experience, one person at a time. We believe in breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for people to pursue their potential, contribute to their communities and be valued with dignity and respect.



Creative Works serves nearly 500 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism and brain injury each year, offering a full complement of community and residential programs designed to empower lives of connection.



More than an address or domicile, it’s about having a sense of place and belonging. Friendship. Connection. Community. At Creative Works, we work with extraordinary people with unique talents, challenges, interests and goals, and help them achieve the feelings of stability, authentic connection and belonging that everyone deserves.



Creative Works brings over 50 years of visionary leadership and innovative thinking to our mission of creating communities of inclusion for people with disabilities. We have a vibrant and engaged board of directors, a passionate and talented leadership team, and a staff of dynamic, compassionate people who dedicate their lives to serving others.